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Dr. Peter J. Collier, an Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Portland State University, brings 20 years of experience in program design, evaluation and promotion of college student retention and academic success to assist you in developing new or refining existing programs.

"A Well Designed Mentoring Program
is the Key to Student Success"

Dr. Peter J. Collier
offers a range of support services to
college student mentoring programs,
particularly those serving first-generation students,

- Program Design

- Evaluation

- Mentor Training Curriculum Development

- Program Implementation

In the same way that mentors share expertise with their mentees to increase mentees chances of college, business or personal success, Dr. Collier offers his expertise in EVALUATION and MENTORING PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT to help increase your programs’ likelihood of successfully supporting those individuals you seek to serve.


Current Projects

TRiO Program and Pathways Program, Madaille College, Buffalo New York

Consultant services focused on "training the trainers" from multiple Medaille College peer mentoring programs on a general level, while providing more focused services for the TRiO and Pathways programs that serve similar low-income, first-generation student populations.  On a general level services emphasized identifying college adjustment issues students faced, which issues were appropriate to address with peer mentoring, introducing the expertise-development peer mentoring model, and what constitutes appropriate evaluation.  Additional services for the TRiO and Pathways programs included connecting student adjustment issues to campus resources and success strategies, developing student support materials, revising existing mentor job descriptions and training curriculum, and refining each program's devaluation plan.

University Studies Program, Portland State University, Portland Oregon

Consultant services included assisting in the creation of an initial interview guide, conducting a two-day workshop on moderating focus groups, and developing curricular and instructional materials that would allow the client to conduct a similar moderating focus group workshop in the future.

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